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Clan Maitland

Direct from Clan Maitland

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We can now take checks in Sterling, Euros
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All our prices include postage and packing
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We sell only to members of the Clan Maitland Society

Clan Merchandise

We have a wide range of clan items with either the clan badge or the tartan. All Clansfolk can use the Clan Badge - above - or the tartan for their own use and that of their descendants. All our prices include packing and postage. We can accept Sterling, US$, C$, A$, NZ$ and Euros. Send us a check, or make a bank to bank transfer.

18th November 2015


Tartan material
Kilts and Trews
Tartan Waistcoat
Tartan Ribbon  
Tartan Mini-rosette   
"Club" tie
Tartan Tie
Clan Badge 
Belt and Buckle with Clan Badge
Clan Badge on Shield
Pedigree of Maitland family from 1250
Tartan waistcoat
Tartan material
Mouse mat
Correspondence Cards


The Maitland Tartan

Items in Maitland tartan, and those with the clan badge can only be sold to registered members of the Clan Maitland Society. To join the Society, see the Clan Maitland Society page and the Application form


Kilt Cloth – Lochcarron Strome 16 oz/linear yard - 500 – 515gm/ linear metre supplied in double width – 54 inches/138cm wide –. You need 3.7m for a full 8 yard kilt.

Per metre UK £63 Elsewhere £ 70 US$112, C$133, A$140, NZ$147, €94

Per 3.7m double width kilt length UK £233, Elsewhere £259, US$415, C$492, A$518, NZ$544, €348

Lochcarron Reiver 10 oz/linear yard - 335gm/ linear metre – 59 inches/150cm wide – this is best for tailored items, including trews and waistcoats though it can be used for kilts in warm climates – however, we recommend the heavy weight Strome for kilts

Per metre UK £50 Elsewhere £56 US$90, C$105, A$110, NZ$118, €75

Lightweight 8 oz/linear yard – a slightly different design from the Lochcarron weave, and a smaller sett, ancient colours – 54inches/152 cm wide - suitable for sashes, furnishing, waistcoats (makes a good contrast with a kilt in heavy weight tartan)
Per metre UK £39 Elsewhere £43 US$69, C$82, A$85, NZ$90, €58

Tartan tie in wool - ask for large sett (as on kilt) or a small sett in ancient colours
UK £16.00 Elsewhere £21 US$34 C$40 A$42 NZ$44 €28

NEW Lightweight tartan– 45% wool, 55% polyester, as used by Hunter Valley Grammar School in Australia, made in China, 150 cm wide, will be good for lightweight clothing and furnishing purposes – not kilts – but good for a waistcoat! Darker than our other tartans. Price to be advised. Probably around £35 a metre delivered UK. Not yet available

Sash in lightweight tartan - lovely colours. Wear a sash if your man is wearing a kilt 108 inches long UK £38, Elsewhere £45 US$73 C$ 87 A$90 NZ$96 €61

      Tartan Rug

Rug - in lightweight, pure 100% lambswool, 56x72 inches (140x185cm) including fringing – make a lovely bed cover, or throw, even a picnic rug (tho’ really too nice for that!)
UK£75 Elsewhere £85 US$140 C$163 A$170 NZ$180 €116


KILTS AND TREWS (tartan trousers)
Are made in Scotland by Lochcarron
Please order through Clan Maitland Society Ltd –
We will need the following detail : Waist, hip, inside leg measurements


We can now offer a make-up service for skirts in the light weight Maitland tartan with a smaller sett than the kilt cloth. The skirts are made by Lochcarron who also make the kilts for us. All these are UK prices.  Ask us to send the measurement form and prices.
£50 to £80 depending on style

WAISTCOAT made by Lochcarron, for men or ladies,               
light weight tartan.
Check the price 
About £80


Scarf, in medium weight Reiver tartan - wear the scarf if you feel a sash is too formal 30 inches long
UK £32, Elsewhere £36 US$60 C$69 A$72 NZ$76 €49

Siik scarf

Scarf, in lightweight tartan 30 inches long
UK £22, Elsewhere £25 US$40 C$47 A$49 NZ$52 €33






Scarf Silk,A hand woven, custom dyed silk scarf to reflect our tartan.
Only three available this year. That’s it.
£100 in UK, and US$150 overseas




Mini Rosettes - made of tartan, 18” long, 4” wide, with a rosette at the top.
Pin them to your lapel or dress to identify yourself as a Maitland if you feel a sash is too formal.
Add a clan badge!
UK £16 Elsewhere £20 US$ 31 C$37 A$39 NZ$41 €26

TARTAN RIBBON - 2"x  54 inches, 5x137 cm Use this as a decoration, or to make up your own favours   
Can also be used as a luggage identifier - if you see  it on a piece of luggage, its yours, or you have kin on the plane!
UK ?.50 Elsewhere £9,US$15,  C$15, A$15 NZ$19, €11



      Silk Club Tie
CLAN TIE   reflects the colours of the tartan using a traditional regimental style,
and goes well with a dark suit for formal and business occasions.

UK  £30
£34 US$55 C$65 A$68 NZ$72 €46




 Clan Tie in Tartan 

We can supply in two tartans.
Either the tartan with a large sett as used on the kilts, or a small sett in ancient colours as used for scarves and sashes.
Please state your preference.
UK £16.00 Elsewhere £21 US$34 C$40 A$42 NZ$44 €28

Clan Stocking Flashes

Get some in Maitland tartan
UK £23, Elsewhere £27 US$43 C$51 A$54 NZ$57 €36

Clan Ribbon is 2” wide, 5.5 feet long and has many uses.
It can be used to make up decorations - for a cake, as a favour, or to make a tartan stocking flashes.
Use it to mark your luggage - when you see Maitland tartan on the luggage carrousel, it must be yours, or you have a cousin on the plane!
UK £5.00, Elsewhere £7.50 US$12 C$14 A$ 14 NZ$15 € 10


      Clan Baseball Cap


Clan Maitland Basball Cap - peak in Maitland tartan, remainder in black, one size fits all – yes you can get cheaper baseball caps, but not in our tartan!
UK £12, Elsewhere £18 US$ 28 C$33 A$35 NZ$37 €24




      Clan Maitland Cufflinks
CLAN CUFFLINKS    rmade with our tartan – won’t last for ever - but for £11 what do you expect?UK £12, Elsewhere £14 US$ 23 C$27 A$28 NZ$30 €19




 Clan Badge in pewter (silver appearance) shows the lion in the traditional setting of the Chief's crest within a belt and buckle to show adherence to the Chief.
To be worn with a sash, on a jacket, as a bonnet badge, or as a kilt pin.
UK £12, Elsewhere £14.50 US$ 23 C$27 A$29 NZ$30 €19





An unusual opportunity to wear a fine belt with your own clan badge. Not many people have these good looking buckles. Clan badge on a traditional buckle, with a belt in heavy grade cow hide, 2 inches wide. Belt is adjustable.     Please state the length required.

Belt and Buckle

UK £60 Elsewhere £69 US$110 C$ 130 A$ 136 NZ$144 €92

Buckle Only

UK £24, Elsewhere £29, US$47 C$55 A$ 58 NZ$ 61 € 39



Clan badge on Shield
UK £54, Elsewhere £66 US$106 C$125 A$130 NZ$138 €88

Shield showing the clansfolks' badge on a background of Maitland tartan. 
This shows allegiance to the Chief in the form used over the generations.






Pedigree of the Family of Maitland
A full colour reproduction of original in the Chief’s home shows the main lines from Thomas Mautalent in 1227 to the present day, including the Aberdeen and Dundrennan lines. It also shows our descent in the Lauderdale and Galloway lines from the Kings of Scotland and England, and thence, but not on the chart from William the Conqueror and Charlemagne!
26 coats of arms are shown. Size 26x14inches 670x360 mm.

This is on light weight paper. You will need professional mounting on card for display


UK £16, Elsewhere £17 US$27 C$32 A$33 NZ$35 €23




Details from pedigree




Special Orders

Special orders – the item is made to order, so please check the price before ordering and allow time extra time for delivery.


Clan Badge in Silver - to order only, please check price before ordering
1 inch (25mm) - about t £130,
1.625 inches (41mm) about £150,
delivered in UK by registered post.

Made to order, and prices partly depend on the price of silver.
Delivery about six weeks.



Secial orders – there items are made to order, so please check the price before ordering and allow time – several weeks for delivery

      Tartan Shoulder Bag

Tartan Shoulder Bag - made from our kilt cloth
14 inches (36cm) across the base and 8 inches (20cm) to the top of the strap,
and about 6 inches (15cm) wide.
To special order only – about £150 $250




Clan Silver Kilt pin with lion’s paw holding dagger- to order only, please check price before ordering
9 cm long.
UK £115, overseas £122, US$190, C$260, A$260, NZ$275, €175


      Clan Whiskey tumblers
Whisky Tumblers –– care - must be hand washed.
These rectangular tumblers, with Maitland strap and buckle, are 3 ¾” high x 3 wide 9cm high x 8 cm wide andmust be hand washed.
We’ve shipped them to the UK and Australia, so they travel well.
UK £14.50 each, Elsewhere £17 US$27 C$32 A$33 NZ$35 €23




Write notes on Clan cards bearing your badge - this is the one which all Clansfolk can use. Badge is in blue on 6x4 inch cards.
50  cards to a pack
UK £9, Elsewhere £11 US$17 C$20 A$21 NZ$22 €14



Cottage to let near Dumfries


Clan Maitland Society Ltd 150 Tachbrook Street London SW1V 2NE

We can take checks in Sterling, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Dollars.

Please make out checks  to Clan Maitland

Payments in Euros: it
still costs a great deal to clear cheques drawn in Euros. The best way to make payments is send an electronic transfer (bank details on request) or to wrap banknotes in aluminium foil (to prevent postal workers identifying banknotes), and mail the order by registered or insured post to Clan Maitland.

Local taxes and import duties
We always complete an accurate customs declaration, but if you are aware of any tax breaks or concessions which would reduce your liability to tax, do let us know.  Examples might be a maximum shipment value which is tax free, or in Canada a concession for goods not available in Canada.

Order Form

Clan Maitland Society Application form

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